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Trail Trial 2005 - "Through the Ages"

Join us on October 8th for our annual trail trial - a joint even with the Flying Hooves Riding Club (FHRC) - at Miramar Stables!

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Who are we?

Caballeros del Sol logoCaballeros del Sol is one of several BCHC units in the San Diego area. Our focus is working for equestrian access to public lands, and promoting and protecting a system of multi-use, non-motorized trails in San Diego County, both in the rural, backcountry regions, and in urban communities.

Our means of participation includes volunteer service work, user education, and political awareness.

We are primarily horsepeople who ride and pack in the San Diego area. We work together with organizations of hikers, mountain bikers, and others concerned with responsible backcountry use. When land or trails are closed, we all lose out. All users need to work together if we are to succeed in our goals.


The Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, (CRSP) Trail Maintenance Unit (TMU) has scheduled some work days, doing trail tread work and campground clean up.

Trail work, February 15, 2004A typical day starts at 9 a.m., an involves about 3-4 hours' work. Wear sturdy clothes (layered - it can be very cold or hot!), hiking/work shoes, a hat, and gloves. Remember sunscreen. Bring water and a snack in a pack you can carry with you. If you have a favorite Polaski, McLeod or shovel, bring that too. If you don't, tools are supplied.

Here are some very cool things about participating:
- The volunteer trail crews are led by well trained people, so you will learn a great deal about proper trail construction and maintenance.
- Because these are not "BCHC projects", non-members can participate, too, so bring your friends!
- It's a fun day, with some great folks!

Visit the CRSPIA web site at for dates and contact info.

More CRSP TMU work days will be scheduled, so keep checking back. When you sign up, be sure to give them your phone number (not just your e-mail address), in case there is a last-minute change of plans.

Fun and Service in 2005:

Trail work, February 15, 20042005 is off and running, and after the fires there's even more service work that needs to be done. If you would like to be called for projects, or know of any where we can assist, e-mail our Service Chair Linda Eskin.

Organizing a ride or work project is something any member can do! If you have a good idea for a ride (see below for suggestions), or know a trail or other facility that could use our help, let's get it going. Contact any board member for information on how to make it happen.

Wild Horses in our Backcountry

Click here to learn about our efforts to have
San Diego County's only wild horse herd
returned to the Anza-Borrego State Park.

About our name...

Everyone seems to stumble over our unit name. Maybe we can help...

"Caballeros del Sol" is Spanish for "Horsemen of the Sun".

You may be familiar with "Vaqueros", or cowboys. Caballeros are generally seen as a bit more "gentlemanly" - skilled horsemen from the upper classes.

Caballero is spoken as "kah-by-yehr-oh", and comes from caballo (kah-by-yoh), Spanish for horse.

If you give up, just say "Cowboyerros del Sol", or "CdS".

We've updated our look, and parts are still under construction. Meanwhile, the old site is still available (click here). A lot of the links here are not set up yet, but everything should be working by October 31st. Please pardon our dust.

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