Granite Hills Equestrian Community

What can we do?

Join and support local equestrian and trail organizations to help you stay informed about local issues. Some have newsletters with information about upcoming gov't meetings, results of past meetings, proposed developments, changes in the law, and so on. Several of them also organize work parties to create, improve, or restore trails and other facilities. Many provide educational materials on responsible trail use, manners, and other issues.

Spread the word. Talk to your neighbors, friends you ride with, people at your stable, your co-workers. Write letters, or even articles, for local newspapers.

Many people, even horse owners, are unaware of the challenges facing equestrians in our area. Often, non-horsepeople do not know that there are horses in the East County. People imagine that someday they will get horses, and trails will just be there. Horse owners who ride at their boarding facility hope to someday get a trailer, or maybe catch a ride with a friend to a trail they've heard about - and may be in for a disappointment when they find the trail is closed.

Hikers, bikers, runners, walkers, - even birdwatchers should be concerned about the future of trails. Usually, when a property owner decides to close a trail across their property, perhaps due to irresponsible users, they close the trail to all users. Once a trail is closed, it is lost to all of us, horsepersons or not, alike.

Contact your representatives about issues where they can have an impact, and let them know what is important to you. Your message is more likely to receive attention if it is short, clear, and positive. Briefly state the issue and how you would like to see it resolved.

San Diego County

County Supervisor, Diane Jacob. (We are in her district.) Supervisor Jacob has been very supportive of trail development throughout the county.

California State Assembly

State Assembly Member - Steve Baldwin, District 77 - includes El Cajon and Granite Hiills. Assemblyman Baldwin has a survey on his web site where we can let him know what issues are important to us. Please be sure to fill it out.

State Assembly Member - Charlene Zettel, District 75 - includes Lakeside, Blossom Valley, Crest, Dehesa, Willow Glen, and Rancho San Diego. Assemblywoman Zettel also has a feedback page on her web site - please let her know what you think. You can also e-mail her directly.

The California State Assembly has a Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee. Let these members hear your priorities for our area.

California State Senate

State Senator - David Kelley, Senate District 37, includes most of eastern San Diego County (from Crest and Santee onward). You can e-mail Senator Kelley directly.

State Senator - Steve Peace, Senate District 40, includes much of the City of El Cajon and the South Bay areas. You can send your opinions and comments to Senator Peace on his web site, or send him e-mail directly.

State Senator - Dede Alpert, Senate District 39, includes most of the city of San Diego. The same quality of life issues that concern us affect her constituents as well, just as beach cleanliness and access matter to us. You might let her know your thoughts as well.

United States Senate

We have two United States Senators who both repesent the entire state, not by districts. They are Barbara Boxer (web e-mail form) and Dianne Feinstein (send e-mail).

United States House of Representative (Congress)

Congressman Duncan Hunter - 52nd District - includes all of Eastern San Diego County and Imperial County.

The White House

President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore can be e-mailed from this site.

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