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Q: Where is Granite Hills, exactly?

A: For the purposes of the Planning Group, Granite Hills is the unincorporated (i.e. not part of the City of El Cajon) area of San Diego County between the freeway on the north, a couple of blocks past Dehesa Road on the south, Flume Road (parallel to Greenfield) on the east, and the City of El Cajon on the west.

The homes east of Flume Road, although they are in Granite Hills practically speaking, are officially counted as being in Crest.

Here in Granite Hills we are represented in County Land Planning matters by the "Crest, Dehesa, Harbison Canyon, Granite Hills Subregional Planning Group".This is an all-volunteer, elected, advisory group to the County Board of Supervisors.
Important links for San Diego County:

San Diego County web site

Dianne Jacob's site

Planning Group Members, and meeting info

Granite Hills representative on the Board of Supervisors is Dianne Jacob, who is doing a tremendous job. The Planning Group meets at least once a month, on the 2nd Monday. Meeting places rotate between Crest, Dehesa, and Harbison Canyon.

You can attend these meetings - and you should! Do not assume that "someone is taking care of things" - input from residents is critical to the process. Even when things are going in the right direction (as the trails issue is now) they tend to lose momentum if there appears to be "no support from the public."

At the beginning of each meeting there is a public comment period, where any member of the public may address the Planning Group on any topic not on the agenda. You may speak for up to 3 minutes. The Group cannot vote or take any action at that time, but it is a good way to make them aware of your interestsand concerns, and possibly get your issue on a future agenda, if that is appropriate.

Some issues our Planning Group is working on:

General Plan 2020 (Go to the County's site for more info.)

County Trails Plan (Go to the County's site for more info.)

Often, members of the public are appointed to sub-committees such as Parks, Trails, or 2020 General Plan. If you can contribute to these efforts in any way, come to a meeting and speak up.

Q: Why does the Planning Group not meet in Granite Hills?

A: Because we have no public meeting facilities here. The residents of Crest have formed an association that maintains a small public meeting hall near Nancy Jane Park. Harbison Canyon has a meeting room in Old Ironsides Park. The community of Dehesa can use the meeting room in the Fire Station on Dehesa Road at the entrance to the Sycuan Reservation. Granite Hills has no such meeting room. In fact, we do not have any public facilities other than roads - no parks, no pathways, no public open space...

Whatever community you live in, get in touch with your Planning Group members, and be sure they know where you stand on equestrian-related issues, and other issues that affect you. Do they understand the importance of horsekeeping and riding to the history and future of Granite Hills? Will they work to defend the road rights-of-way? Will they work to prevent any erosion of our rights to keep animals on our properties? You can often help in their efforts by writing letters, speaking with your County Supervisor, addressing the Board of Supervisors at their meetings, or volunteering to help on citizen advisory groups.

If you live in Granite Hills, I am one of your representatives on the Planning Group. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on an issues of concern. I hope to see you at meetings in the future, too.

Please note: This site belongs to Linda Eskin and Granite Hills Design. Any views or opinions presented are strictly my own. While I am a representative for Granite Hills (Seat 14) on the Planning Group, nothing here represents the official stand of the County or the Crest, Dehesa, Harbison Canyon, Granite Hills Subregional Planning Group on any matter.

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