Granite Hills Equestrian Community

Why do we need to work together?

Riding trails, horse trailer parking areas, campgrounds, road signs, and world class equestrian centers will not just appear on their own. We have to make our desires heard, and together our voices are louder.

Local and State goverment entities cannot know what our priorities are unless we speak up.

Other San Diego communities have...

... linear parks along rivers and canyons, with beautiful multi-use trails

... campgrounds with corrals and trail access

... trailer parking and staging areas at trailheads

... public riding parks (Did you know Horsepark and Showpark in Del Mar are State owned and operated?)

... traffic signs, roadside trails, safety barriers, and more.

Those communities were not just gifted with these facilities - they fought hard for them. If we work together, we can bring these things to our area as well.

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