Portfolio - BCHC Rendezvous 2002 - Event Program

Backcountry Horsemen of California (BCHC) is an organization dedicated to education of backcountry users, and to the preservation of equestrian access to public lands.

Each year BCHC holds "Rendezvous", a weekend-long educational conference, with seminars, presentations, and clinics. There are also vendors, exhibitors, fundraising auctions, meals, and dances.

A major Granite Hills Design project in 2001/2002 was the production, at no cost to BCHC, of the printed program for Rendezvous 2002. This was a 32 page, 8" x 10" booklet, printed in sepia. It included schedules, workshop descriptions, informative articles, maps, advertisements, contest rules, and much more. 2,500 copies were printed.

Production involved budgeting & ad pricing, design, layout, graphics, soliciting content, writing content, and coodinating with the printer.

Here are some examples from the Rendezvous 2002 Program:

Contents Page

Raffle and Auction Page

Dutch Oven Cooking Page

Saturday's Schedule of Workshops

Vendors Listing Pages

"Gentle Use" Program & Card

A Flyer for Rendezvous 2002

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